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About BMG

Healthcare is a passion for our founder. He has personally benefited from the work and dedication of healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs in his life. It was entrepreneurs that developed the drugs and devices, physicians that pioneered the surgical technique, and nurses and friends that saved his life. Ryan founded BMG because of his personal desire to improve treatments and access to care for patients suffering from a variety of conditions, including the one that could have taken his life. BMG searches out early-stage funding opportunities and provides capital to help owners and founders bring to market and scale their products. 






As the Managing Partner, Ryan has set the mission of BMG to help healthcare and technology companies at all stages of growth. With his experience at Boston Scientific, St. Jude Medical, Abbott Laboratories, and CenExel, Ryan has unique insight on how to help healthcare companies develop strategic plans and processes, particularly around commercialization efforts and M&A. Ryan has helped a variety of healthcare startups grow from idea to successful exit. Ryan holds an undergraduate degree from BYU and an MBA from Gonzaga University. 



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